Our approach to Maths


At Chesterton, we believe all children can succeed in maths and it is our aim to build lifelong, confident mathematicians who have a love for the subject and are prepared for the next stage of their learning.

To achieve this, we ensure that the Teaching for Mastery approach (coherence, variation, mathematical thinking, careful use of representations and structures) is fully embedded in our maths teaching. Our maths curriculum provides children with the opportunity to master mathematical concepts through carefully sequenced, interactive maths lessons. Maths throughout the school follows the spiral curriculum to ensure there is a clear progression of knowledge within the children’s learning.

How we teach Maths

Our lessons are broken down into small sequenced learning steps that gradually expose the mathematical concept; ensuring learning is accessible to all children. A key learning generalisation is then carefully exposed and created with the children as they apply the learning to a range of different contexts. We use varied concrete, pictorial and abstract representations alongside each other to carefully expose the mathematical structure and ensure our children can move flexibly between different representations and mathematical ideas. Each lesson will provide opportunities for the children to reason and solve mathematical problems. To extend learning, we provide greater depth challenges, which are used to deepen knowledge whilst often making links to other areas of the curriculum.

Daily Fluency Sessions

In addition to our maths lessons, our children spend 15 minutes a day recalling, rehearsing and securing key additive and multiplicative facts in a discrete fluency session. Developing fluency skills in this way reduces the cognitive overload during the main maths lesson, helping all children to understand new concepts. The school uses the programme Times Tables Rock Stars in order to encourage fluency with multiplicative facts and the children have weekly competitions for who is earning the most points.


To enhance our maths provision at Chesterton we organise a range of different activities for the children, including competitions (both in school and within the borough), trips, workshops and engage with the community. All of these will help to develop maths skills, build a love of the subject and contribute to the student’s understanding of the world around them.

You can read our Chesterton curriculum progression for maths here

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