School day

Our school gates open at 8:45am and we expect all children to be in school and ready to commence their learning by the start of the school day 8.55am. The school day finishes at 3.15pm (3.30pm for Nursery) and we request that parents and carers pick their children up promptly.  

Please see our Nursery pages for details of Nursery opening and pick up times.   

At the start of each school year in September parents and carers are required to let us know the names of any adults with permission to pick up their child using the emergency contact form. Children must be picked up from school by one of these adults, unless they are in Year 6 and you have provided us with signed permission that your child is able to walk home alone at 3.15pm. If your Year 6 child is leaving school later than this for any reason they will need to be collected by a nominated adult, this includes after school clubs.

The school day is 6 hours 20 minutes or 31 hours 40 minutes per week.