Our School Improvement Priorities

Each year we identify areas within the school that need to be developed, these are worked on through the curriculum and throughout the school day. We then evaluate how we have done before setting our priorities for the following year.

These are our School Improvement Priorities for 2022-2023

•       Priority 1- To embed key teaching and learning strategies across all areas of the curriculum to ensure high outcomes for all children.

•       Priority 2- To ensure all SEN pupils, including those with EHCPs, have the correct provision to support their primary (and secondary) needs in order for them to make the best possible outcomes.

•       Priority 3- To embed our reading offer and to ensure writing lessons across the school provide opportunities for children to develop oracy skills, immerse children in rich vocabulary and lead to high quality writing outcomes.

•       Priority 4- To develop meaningful representation across key areas of the curriculum to ensure our pupils have high aspirations and understand how they can make a positive impact on themselves and wider society.