Our School Improvement Priorities

Each year we identify areas within the school that need to be developed, these are worked on through the curriculum and throughout the school day. We then evaluate how we have done before setting our priorities for the following year.
These are our School Improvement Priorities for 2021-2022

•       Priority 1- To maintain and continually develop high levels of teaching and learning within mathematics through the use of the PD materials, fluency programmes and teaching trios to ensure high outcomes for all children.

•       Priority 2- To provide a strong early reading offer and rich reading experiences across the whole school that excite and motivate our children and are relevant to them.

•       Priority 3- To ensure all lessons are ambitious, engaging, carefully planned and consistently delivered, where all children play an active role and overtime learning links together.

•       Priority 4- To empower all members of the school community with the tools to take positive action on their mental health and wellbeing through the development of strong identities, the challenging of stereotypes and providing bespoke support.