Our approach to History

At Chesterton primary school, we believe that a good historian should be able to understand a wide range of historical concepts such as; continuity and change, cause and consequence, interpretation, similarity and difference, looking at the significance of people/events and using evidence to further develop their historical knowledge and thinking. 

Our history curriculum covers a wide range of topics that are of the most relevance and interest to the children at Chesterton, meaning that by the end of their time with us they will have a good historical knowledge of the wider world and of their own personal history.

How we teach History

At Chesterton, we teach history through an enquiry based approach. Historical enquiry allows our children to question, interpret, explain and communicate their reasoning as a historian. Each history topic is launched with a ‘big question’ – a question where the answer is unknown at the beginning of the unit, but one that the children will be able to answer by the end. Lessons are then based around a sub – enquiry question relating to their topic and big question. By the end of the unit, through the use of enquiry questions and discussions, children will be able to answer their main topic question. Within lessons, children will use and interrogate a range of primary and secondary sources to deepen their knowledge on their chosen topic. As children move throughout the school, their knowledge grows across different time periods and they build upon and develop their learning from previous years.

To support the children with their enquiries, we make links to modern day scenarios that are relevant to our children, by using our UNCRC articles and sustainable development goals. Within the classroom, history lessons are enriched with a range of different resources and artefacts. Lessons are further enriched outside of the classroom with a range of outdoor learning opportunities for all year groups such as trips to the British Museum, Roman Amphitheatre and the Imperial War Museum.

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History picture

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