Our approach to Geography

Our Geography curriculum is designed to develop children’s curiosity and fascination about the world and the people that are surrounding them. We strive to ensure that all lessons are enquiry based and promote independent learning. 

Our children will investigate a range of places – from both Britain and the wider world – to help develop their knowledge and understanding of the Earth’s physical and human processes.  At Chesterton, we are committed to providing our children with opportunities to investigate their local area, so they can have a deeper understanding of who they are, where they live and what makes our area so unique and special.

How we teach Geography

At Chesterton, geography lessons are taught through an enquiry based approach. This allows our children to develop their proficiency in the asking and answering of relevant questions, collecting and analysing data and drawing conclusions. Each year group will have a main enquiry question that they are looking to answer at the end of the unit, with each lesson being based around a sub enquiry question. Through investigations, discussions, fieldwork and mapwork, children will deepen their knowledge on their chosen unit. As children move throughout the school, they will use and build upon their skill sets and knowledge base. Our lessons are enriched with a range of different outdoor learning opportunities, with children going on trips to the seaside and carrying out geographical surveys around our local area. Within our lessons we actively make links to the wider world by discussing the Sustainable Development Goals and the UNCRC rights.


You can read our Chesterton curriculum progression for geography here


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