Our approach to Computing

At Chesterton we want our children to be equipped with the relevant knowledge that will prepare them for the world of tomorrow. We embrace the constant changes children face in the modern world and seek to teach them the tools they may need to grow with the fast pace of today’s technological advancements.

As well as providing children with the knowledge to be able to utilise technology, we also believe it is vitally important for children to be aware of and understand the dangers that can come with the use of different devices both on and offline. E-safety knowledge is regularly taught and reinforced across the school in all year groups, ensuring that whenever children are exposed to technology, they are able to use it confidently and responsibly. We believe that by teaching children this technological knowledge, they can develop a deeper understanding of how technology can enhance their learning across a broader range of subjects.

How we teach Computing

At Chesterton, we teach the 3 key computing areas; Computer Science, Information Technology & Digital Literacy. These areas are revisited on a regular basis in order to build on the children’s prior learning. These are taught through a range of different technologies, such as: Chromebooks, iPads and virtual reality headsets. We also have access to an array of different computer programmes accessed via these devices such as google docs, google slides, hopscotch and scratch. We believe it is important that children have the opportunity to be exposed to the most up to date and relevant technology to ensure that the they are as well equipped with their understanding of technology and its impact on learning.


If you were unable to attend our latest parent workshop about online safety and our curriculum, please click here to view the slides.

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