School meals

Tasty and nutritious meals are prepared in our school kitchen offering pupils and staff a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Children also have the option to bring their own packed lunch.

School meals 

If you would like your child to have school meals (whether paid for or FSM) we require that you let us know at the start of each term. This advance notice allows us to plan properly and keep costs as low as possible.

Meals are charged at £2.40 a day (£12 a week) and must be paid for at least a week in advance. You can pay using the online School Gateway system by clicking here

Current menu

You can download a copy of the current menu here.

Eligible for Free School Meals?

If you think your child may be eligible for Free School Meals please print off and complete this form or ask the school office for a copy. Once you have filled it out please return to us and we will send on to the Local Authority who are responsible for assessing whether your child is eligible for Free School Meals.

Packed lunches

We teach and promote healthy eating because on the basis that a well-balanced diet can have a positive impact on children’s health, behaviour and achievement. If your child is having packed lunches please follow these reminders:

✔  The main element should be savoury such as a sandwich, filled pitta bread, wrap, pasta or rice salad

✔  Aim to include at least one portion of vegetables or salad

✔  Include at least one portion of fruit. This could be a fruit salad, a piece of fresh fruit or dried fruit

✔  For an extra snack, a fruit yogurt, fromage frais or rice cakes could be included

✔  Although we do not recommend sweet desserts, we accept that you may wish to pack your child a small piece of cake or a biscuit

✔  Water is provided by the school, however, you may provide a plastic bottle of water in your child’s lunchbox if you prefer

✘  Please do not provide your child with crisps, chocolate, sweets, or a drink other than water

✘  Please do not use chocolate spread as a sandwich filling

Nuts and other allergies

Please make sure that any snacks and packed lunches brought to the school are peanut and nut free.