How we train staff

At Chesterton we highly value our staff and their career development. We ensure that all our staff have up to date, bespoke training which meets their needs and the needs of the children.

Our ongoing training during the year includes:

  • Current and up to date safeguarding practices and procedures
  • Medical training as appropriate
  • Support from subject leaders with weekly planning as appropriate
  • Team teaching from subject leaders as appropriate
  • Teachers working collaboratively to improve their practice as ongoing peer support
  • Weekly staff training sessions which, across the year, focus on a broad range of curriculum disciples
  • Showcase lessons which model exemplary practise with a detailed post lesson discussion
  • Participation in the Joint Primary Professional Learning Day
  • Joint training sessions across the Trust with a focus on subject development and moderation
  • Subject leader mentorship and support
  • ECT mentorship
  • Support system with assigned mentors for teachers who are new to Chesterton