Feedback from parents, staff and children

At Chesterton we highly value feedback from our children, parents and staff. Please take a look below at the most recent feedback from our school community:

Children’s Survey

Pupil voice is incredibly important to us at Chesterton. We ensure that our children have many opportunities to voice their opinions through student council meetings and through our Rights Respecting curriculum. In our most recent survey we asked our children a variety of questions about how they feel about their school experiences. The results were overwhelmingly positive and show that our children thoroughly enjoy their time with us.

What our children said:

100% of children enjoy school.
100% of children know the school rules and know that bullying is unacceptable. They know who to talk to if they have an issue and are confident it will be resolved.
100% of children feel safe at school.
100% of children feel challenged and know that they are expected to work hard.

Staff Survey

Staff at Chesterton are highly valued; all staff members have the opportunity to participate in discussions and shape the direction of the school. They are an active part in thinking about ways to enhance pupil outcomes in terms of achievement, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety and the quality of leadership and management. In our most recent survey we asked our staff a variety of questions about how they feel about their school experiences.

What our staff said:

100% of staff feel that the school is successful meeting the differing needs of individual pupils
100% of staff feel that children are safe.

100% of staff know what the school is trying to achieve.
100% of staff feel that the school deals with bullying effectively.


Parent and Carer Survey

In November 2021 we asked parents and carers to complete a questionnaire to tell us how we are doing as a school. The response rate was very good and hugely positive. An overwhelming majority of parents and carers remain extremely positive with the school and how we are progressing.

What parents and carers said:

96% of parents and carers agreed that their child makes good progress at our school, which is reflected in our incredible results throughout all Key Stages.
98% of parents and carers agree that Chesterton supports their child with their wellbeing and mental health
98% of parents and carers believe that Chesterton promotes antibulling and deals with any incidents effectively.
94% of parents and carers receive valuable information from the school about their child’s progress.

The surveys are just one way in which we gather our information. We hold regular coffee mornings and parents’ workshops to gain feedback on how we are doing.