E-safety statement

A thorough and age appropriate e-safety curriculum is delivered to all pupils at Chesterton to teach children how to stay safe when using computing technology in school or at home.

This learning is delivered throughout each new computing topic and is woven through the curriculum in computing, PSHCE and RE. This is to ensure that children are given constant teaching of the importance of remaining safe online. In addition to this, we also teach a specific e-safety lesson at the beginning of each new topic every half term. Each half term a new topic is covered which is appropriate to the children's age and computing topic that they are studying. Our updated curriculum follows a tailor made spiralled curriculum to ensure that each computing topic is relevant and related to the children’s overall theme in class. By adhering to the National curriculum guidelines, we have managed to create a bespoke programme that can both teach new computing skills, whilst building on previously learned ones.

In addition, each year children are asked to read and sign an Acceptable Use Agreement for using computing equipment in school, which has a strong focus on keeping children safe online. This agreement is displayed in classes as a reminder of how importantly adults and children regard e-safety at Chesterton. Throughout the year assemblies take place on new and important e-safety topics so children and adults can stay up to date with new e-safety risks and concerns. 

Additional information for parents about how to keep children safe online can be found on the website links below.








If you are interested in creating a family agreement with your child to set out expectations and boundaries with regards to their use of the internet, please see the use this template to support your conversation. 


You can also read our full policy on e-safety on our policies page.