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KS1 Blog

Welcome to the Lower Phase (EYFS/KS1). Within our phase we have Nursery, Reception and Year 1. Our phase leader is Miss Matheson, who is also a class teacher in Year 1. Our other class teachers are: Miss Lyri, Miss Bailey, Mr Stanghon and Miss S. We also have Mr Keyte our SENCO, Miss Tara our PPA teacher and Miss Waters and Mr Clay our trainee teachers. We are also very lucky to have Miss Ivana, Ms Mckenzie, Mrs Bah, Miss Ema, Miss Danielz, Miss Cooney, Miss Willson, Miss Chelsea, Miss Murphy and Miss Marsh who all help us with our learning!

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Upper Phase Blog

KS2 Blog

Welcome to the KS2 team! Across Key Stage 2 we have many adults who help us with our learning. Mr Bennett is our P.E. teacher, Senorita Lopez is our Spanish teacher and Miss Holt covers PPA. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Morina, Mr Eastop, Miss Patel, Mr Mathias, Miss Reynolds, Miss Hirsi and Miss Williams who are amazing!

Middle Phase is made up of Year 2, 3 and 4. Our phase leader is Mrs Owen, who is also a class teacher in Year 4 with Miss Monteiro. Miss Snell and Miss Johansson are the class teachers in Year 3, and Mr Salmond and Miss French teach in Year 2. 

Upper Phase is made up of Years 5 and 6. Our phase leader is Miss Mogan, who is also a class teacher in Year 6 with Miss Cusack, and in Year 5 we have Miss Jones and Miss Fitzpatrick.



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Global Blog

Global Citizenship

At  Chesterton, we take pride in caring for and respecting the environment (UNCRC Article #29). We are involved in a range of projects which empower our pupils to  drive change and improve their environmental awareness. We are an Eco School, a TFL Stars School and we have a thriving Edible Playground. Our young people are inspired to live and travel sustainably, become active citizens in their world and make healthy choices for their physical and mental wellbeing.

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Global Blog

Published Piece

Sit back and enjoy a good read with us! We have some incredible young writers at Chesterton and our Published Piece blog is your opportunity to read some of their work. Each week a different child will take control and publish their work for the world to enjoy. Dive in!

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