Admission into Reception

Starting school in our Reception classes

  • We currently offer 60 places in our Reception classes
  • Children are eligible for Reception in the September of the school year in which they turn five years old (the school year runs from 1 September to 31 August)
  • Reception admissions are organised centrally by Wandsworth Local Authority 
  • The criteria for selection are different from those listed on the Nursery admissions page. Having a place in the Nursery does not guarantee a place in the main school
  • Full details on admission to Reception, along with the timetable for applications, can be found on the Wandsworth Council website 


Appeals process: Please visit Wandsworth Council’s website using the link below to see the appeals timetable


Appeals resulting from transfer applications for admission to Reception for Wandsworth primary schools for September 2022 will be heard at according to the following timetable.