Admission into Years 1 - 6

Admissions of older children

Prospective parents who have moved into the area are invited to make direct contact with the school to arrange a visit and find out more about us. If parents wish to apply for a place they must contact Pupil Services at Wandsworth Council, telephone no. 020 8871 7316, and submit their application direct to them.

Admissions to Secondary Schools

The school will distribute the ‘Guide for Admissions to Secondary School’ to parents of Year 6 children at the start of September and arrange a meeting for parents and children to discuss the process and inform them of key dates for applications.

Open days at secondary schools are held throughout September and the beginning of October and parents are encouraged to attend these events. The completed application forms are to be returned around the middle of October and they must be submitted to Pupil Services at Wandsworth Council. The outcome of the applications are notified in March and appeals generally heard in June.

Full details on admission to secondary schools, along with the timetable for applications, can be found on the Wandsworth Council website at