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Jan 14, 2021

Year 5 have continued to wow adults this week with their dedication to home learning. Miss Fitzpatrick and Miss Jones want to celebrate some of the best examples of home learning that they have seen:

Simar and Sathana in 5J have been AMAZING readers this week, listening to the Fly Me Home videos and logging on to Big Cat Collins to access lots of books.

Arthur in 5F has blown Miss Fitzpatrick away every day with his commitment to online learning and the pride he shows in his work. Below is an example of his maths task 2 – he always explains his reasoning well to show a solid understanding of our topics.

In History this week we looked at the similarities and differences between Victorian crime and crime today. Wade in 5F managed to fill his whole table with ideas – amazing! He clearly listened carefully to the video lesson and used this to help him – well done Wade! You can see Wade’s work below.

Jan 7, 2021

The Upper Phase team would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! 

This week, Upper phase have welcomed Year 5 and 6 back to their online learning. Although this may not have been the start to the year we all wanted, we have been very impressed with the great effort and fantastic learning from the children each day on their Google Classrooms. Children have particularly been enjoying Mr Bennett´s P.E. exercises to ensure they keep on moving whilst at home and trying to beat their personal best!

Dec 17, 2020

We've had a fantastic end to what has been a very interesting Autumn term. Year 5 have loved finishing making their final designs for their catapults in DT. As you can see, lots of thought about the success criteria of an effective catapult has taken place.

We have also carried out science experiments as part of our unit on Properties of Materials to see which changes are reversible and irreversible. We created solutions and then used a range of methods such as filtering, sieving and evaporation to see if we could reverse the change in properties. Both Year 5 and 6 are very excited to watch today's pantomime performance which will be live streamed into our classroom. We also loved watching the author and illustrator Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola's event with the Royal Astronomical Society about their book Look Up!

Thank you so much for your help and support this past half term. We hope you have a restful break and we look forward to seeing you once again in January. 

Dec 11, 2020

The children are looking forward to the end of term and have been getting into the festive spirit! On Tuesday Year 5 and 6 were filmed for the Christmas concert. Sadly, as with many things this year, our concert looks different and we can’t perform all together. However, keep your eyes peeled for our festive performances that will be emailed out to parents next week!

Year 6 enjoyed planning their own investigations in science this week. They have each planned their own enquiry into how light affects shadows. They are looking forward to carrying out their experiments next week!

Year 5 also had a great science lesson practising separating solution using different methods.

Dec 4, 2020

Year 5 have enjoyed being back in school this week! We have been busy – in science we conducted an experiment to see how we can increase the rate of dissolving and recorded our results in tables. In English, we have been writing scripts based on our class novel Attack of the Vikings and today we got to perform them to the class.

Nov 27, 2020

Year 6 have been very busy and working hard with assessment week. The Year 6 staff team have been really proud of their focus and resilience. Year 6 have also shown off their fantastic artistic sketching skills. They used the grid method to replicate an image which can be found in a meadow. Year 5 have been busy completing all their learning from Google Classroom and we look forward to having them back in school next week.

Nov 24, 2020

This week Year 6 have been getting ready for their We Are Silent Campaign. Next Tuesday, the 24th of November, the pupils will be silent ALL DAY in order to raise money for helprefugees.org.

The pupils (and teachers) were greatly moved by the plight of some of the refugees we have been learning about in English lessons so have decided to give donations to Help Refugees why support more than a million refugees world-wide providing them with food, shelter and clothing. If you would like to donate, you can do so at our Go Fund Me page: gf.me/u/y9fcwx. Many thanks in advance for your support with this cause that means so much to us!

Nov 13, 2020

Upper Phase have had another fantastic week here at Chesterton. Year 5 started off the week exploring our fabulous new library. We now have a wonderful gingerbread house and cosy reading nooks to enjoy reading our wide selection of books. In science, we are exploring properties of materials so we reminded ourselves of our Year 3 learning on magnets and opaque and transparent materials as well as our Year 4 learning about electric insulators and conductors.

We then carried out an experiment to explore which materials were thermal insulator and which materials we thermal conductors. Year 6 ended the week on a high too when they had the opportunity to paint 'en plein air' in the style of the impressionist painter Claude Monet. As you can see, the watercolour painting they produced were phenomenal! 

Nov 6, 2020

It's been an exciting first week back in Upper Phase.

Year 6 had the opportunity to visit our brand-new school library. The children were blown away by the new layout and selection of new books. After exploring, we all sat down and read a spooky story.

Also in Science this week, Year 6 took part in their own investigations to make a circuit fit for a purpose. Both Miss Mogan and Mrs Owen were blown away by the creativity and scientific knowledge the children used to build their systems.

Oct 22, 2020

Year 5 have been investigating the water cycle this week in their final lesson on States of Matter. We created our own models of the water cycle and have hung them on our classroom windows to see the process for ourselves! 5F have also enjoyed learning about influential figures such as Rosa Parks, Wilma Rudolph and Harriet Tubman as part of our celebration of Black History Month.

Year 6 have filmed and presented their house captains speeches this week. We are all excited to see the outcome of our democratic elections organised by Mr Bennett.

Oct 16, 2020

This week Year 6 have been making Freedom pillows in our Art and DT lessons. We explored patterns, printing and different sewing stitches. 

In Year 5, we have been using our enquiry skills to investigate evaporation in our Science lesson. 

Sep 25, 2020

It has been another fun filled week in Upper Phase.

In Spanish this week, Year 6 were discussing the different emotions we feel and how to recognise when we might feel them. We had a great discussion on how managing our emotions links in with SDG #3 Good Health and Wellbeing. The children created their own emotion wheel in Spanish to use at home.

Year 5 enjoyed a hands on lesson experimenting with how to make gasses visible. They cannot wait to make more scientific conclusions from experiments in the coming weeks!

Sep 18, 2020

This week in Year 5 we have been enjoying starting our new science topic States of Matter. We went on a solids, liquids and gas hunt around the school and even got to do some exciting experiments!

5F had a fantastic time visiting the edible garden on Wednesday with Mr Kheir. We saw the vegetables that have been growing during lockdown and a lucky few even got to take some home to sample. Thank you Mr Kheir!

May 14, 2020

Year 3 have been making posters on The Maasai people as they learn more about Africa. The poster above is by Olga with beautiful drawings to show off her knowledge!

Sathana in Year 4 has made a fantastic Popplet showcasing her research into her new geography topic of deserts. She obviously learnt a great deal about the Sahara Desert and used her ICT skills to present it.

Mr Newman has been extremely impressed with 5N and their maths work this week. We've been doing time this week, which is always tricky, but Mr. Newman was especially impressed with Yonis' work and his work on converting units of time.

Miss Holt has been really impressed with how well her class have translated Spanish phrases into English while working from home. Adam did particularly well - a faultless translation!

May 1, 2020

Imran in Year 3 has been working on the Sustainable Development Goals at home. He could remember all 17! Amazing work! Beau has also been working hard this week, practising his cooking skills! He wrote out some instructions to follow to see if it made a delicious cake! Well done Beau!

Year 4 – Jaiden has been enjoying his daily walks with his family. He has been spotting lots of things in nature. Arthur has done another science investigation this week – dancing raisins! Put some raisins/ currants in a fizzy drink. What happens to the raisins? Can you explain why?

Assim in Year 5 wrote a poem about a volcano as part of their new topic of ‘active planet’!

Cody in Year 6 made a slides and ladders game! He attached it on a pin board so he could use the pins as counters and he used Alexa to give numbers from a dice rolling app so family at home could take turns in playing. Isha made a poster all about the circulatory system. Not only were her illustrations amazing, but her content was great too!

Apr 22, 2020

For Earth Day Jackson made a poster that he wanted to share as he's very proud of it. Olga used some reptile eyes to make a rainbow to celebrate the NHS and Miss Cusak made some potato stamps with her nephew!

Karlita in 3F took to home baking by practising her instruction writing and then seeing if she could follow the instructions to make a yummy upside down sticky banana cake - and she did!

Year 5 were set a quiz on all they have learnt about Ancient Egypt. Renae in 5M even went on to challenge herself to research a pharaoh and created a wonderful Google Slides presentation about Tutankhamen! 

Over the Easter holidays we asked year 6 to make their own recipes and come up with their own workouts: they really put a lot of effort in to this and Miss Menzies and Miss Holt have been working their way through your workouts and rewarding themselves with your yummy recipes! Have a look at Kaden’s curry. We have been focusing on how to stay safe online during lockdown and Gabby has made a wonderful poster that really sums up how and WHY we need to be safe.


Apr 3, 2020

We might be at home, but the learning and fun continues!

Miss Cusack has been challenging herself to learn a new language – French! She has been doing 15 minutes of learning everyday using the app Duolingo. She has also been painting at home – check out her amazing creation!

Year 4 have been using the Google classroom to share images of their home learning. Arthur in 4S has been very hands on this week! Check out the boat he built using scrap wood, and the frog spawn that he collected from the local park, which have now grown into tadpoles!

Year 5 were set a task this week to create a Mayan mask. The Ancient Mayans used masks for many things, such as for religious ceremonies and to go into battle. In the picture above you can see what Bella in 5M created!

Pictured above is Kristian in 6M using his DT skills to make his very own pizza! Thank you for sending them in! The pizza face looks a bit scary, but I’m sure it was delicious! 

Mikas in 6H was given the task to write his own story, inspired by an animal, using expanded noun phrases. Read his creation below!

The small, sad pup (a baby bat) was clinging to his mother’s front wondering when and what its next meal would be. He longed to be in the warm cosiness with his wings wrapped softly around him. The Mother bat flew high in the sky - she had always loved the feeling of the warm, soft air flowing past her ears as she cut through the air. With her sharp ears she heard a group insects move 40 feet away and darted through the night sky to feast on the juicy insects.

The moon shone brightly in the sky - not a cloud in sight. The brown, brave bat with her large, muscular wings circled the night sky- she was getting hungry. She had always wanted to show her youngling how to hunt but couldn’t; he was too young.  Her beady eyes spotted the desperate insects and dived with her child wrapped closely to her front and her jaws widened as she took a mouthful of insects - they didn’t stand a chance.



Mar 27, 2020

This week, Miss French and Miss Cusak started a new activity - the Joe Wicks Workouts!  It's been a great way to start the day getting them prepared for the day ahead - they're quite hard, but the more you do them, the easier they get – hopefully!

Year 4 have been making huge headway using their Google Classrooms this week already! Miley from 4S has uploaded a video linked to SDG 3 sharing what she like to do to keep positive mental health and wellbeing – making mosaics! Amazing! In 4J, Kenza and her mum have uploaded a video of them completing a science experiment at home – way to go!

Sofia in 5N has already begun her topic project; she has spoken about lots of different natural disasters and posted a great google slides document on our classroom stream. Mr Newman has taken it upon himself to do expand his baking repertoire and baked his first homemade loaf of bread, which was a great success!

Miss Mogan has taken this opportunity to learn a new skill. Knitting! She had to show a lot of resilience when getting started and watched a lot of YouTube videos to help. Her mum also received many video calls to help also!

In Year 6 Miss Menzies has also been taking part in Joe Wicks’ morning PE session every day with her nephew who is in Year 3 – turns out he is fitter than she is! She is going to use this daily exercise to help her start training for the Sports Day teachers race!! Miss Holt also knows how important it is that we keep exercising, so this week she has been learning basic swing dancing moves, including three ropes of spin. Hopefully will be doing airborne moves before we get back to school! 

Mar 13, 2020

KS2 have been exceptionally busy this week! We have been very excited to take part in Sport Relief 2020, to help raise money for worthy causes. The children took part in a variety of different activities ranging from 4 square frenzies to keepy-up marathons and even took part the Sport Relief mile, where children could either run a mile in the playground or do the bleep test. Lots have money has been raised and  we are looking forward to announce the final raised sum soon. 

In class year 6 have been working hard and preparing themselves for their forthcoming exams. And years 3 and 5 have been doing some exciting printing work in art, looking at repeated patterns. Have a great week!

Feb 14, 2020

What a jam packed week in KS2! Year 3 have had fun making their sustainable bird feeders in DT as part of their ‘eco warriors’ topic – we have got some seriously passionate warriors there!

Year 4 had a great hands on maths lesson exploring what area is. They found the area of different shapes using a range of manipulatives and then came up with a definition for the area of a 2D shape. This week year four also visited the Tate Britain to see their portraits which are on display as part of the Steve McQueen Year 3 Project.

Pupils from Chesterton had their photos taken last year and were able to see themselves as a piece of artwork alongside 76,000 children in London! What a great experience!

Year 5 are sounding great with their singing project. We think we will all be singing the spice girls for the whole weekend!

This week year 6 have been writing entries for BBC Radio 2’s 500 word story competition. The teachers have loved hearing their zany ideas! The prizes include a trip to Buckingham Palace and 500 books for the school library so fingers crossed we have some winners. Miss Menzies has even signed up to be a judge!

Feb 13, 2020

What a creative week we have had in upper phase!

To fit in with their topic for the term ‘We are Eco Warriors’, year 3 have been creating their own bird feeders using recyclable materials. This week they began creating their designs and creating the windows and the bird hangers and next week they will continue to adapt their designs by decorating them.

Year 4 were visited by a very special visitor this week in their History lessons. As part of their learning on the Romans, they had a very special visit from Boudicca! The children used the VR headsets to bring her to life – how exciting!

Year 5 have also been very busy in DT this week, continuing their work on making their shadoofs. Miss Mogan and Mr Newman were very impressed with all the resilience the children demonstrated when making these tricky devices.

Year 6 have been creating some beautiful replica art work in their art lessons.

Feb 7, 2020

It has been another busy week in KS2. 

3F treated us to an amazing assembly on Wednesday all about the importance of recycling. We were all inspired on how we can work as individuals and as communities to make our world a better place. 

Year 3 have also been busy with their DT project this half term, making sustainable bird feeders. 

Year 5 also jumped on the DT construction by using a variety of materials to create an Egyptian shaduf (an irrigation tool used to collect water). The children showed so much resilience in their joining techniques.

In year 4, pupils created spectacular poems about Roman gladiators using alliteration and metaphors. Check out the newsletter to read one written by Sina!

Feb 3, 2020

This week year 4 have had a respectful debate in their RE lesson. Their top is 'marriage' and we have been looking at arranged marriages and why some faith communities chose arranged marriage. We revisited our rights and talked about the UNCRC Article #14 - our right to believe in a religion or no religion at all, and how these choices can influence the choices we make as adults. All of the children presented their opinions in a respectful way and demonstrated their understanding of this practise. 

Jan 24, 2020

Another busy week in KS2! Year 3 have been on the hunt to find Michael Recycle, who has been popping around our site in the evenings. So far they found his colander hat! 4J delivered a spectacular class assembly all about the Romans in Britain. They were so knowledgeable and blew the audience away with their final song, which was paired with British sign language!  In art lessons, pupils in year 4 have been looking at Roman mosaics and discussing them using specific visual language. 

In our KS2 playground, we have had a new living green screen installed to help us improve the air quality around our outdoor areas. Others have gone up around the school as well, so keep your eyes peeled for them! This is very important for our positive physical and mental wellbeing (SDG 3).

Finally, pupils around KS2 have started taking the 4 minute shower challenge to help reduce the amount of water we use. Cutting down your shower time by just one minute can save up to 11,500 litres of water per year! Will you challenge yourself to save water?

Jan 10, 2020

Happy New Year!!! We hope that everyone has had a wonderful break and are feeling well rested and revitalized to get back into the rhythm of school life for a new decade!

What a fantastic first week back we have had, all year groups have started their new topics. Year 3 will be learning all about being eco-warriors, year 4 are studying the Romans, Year 5 are looking at how the Ancient Egyptians lived and year 6 will be researching mega cities!!! The children had a great immersive time during their topic launches this week, getting their teeth into some interesting activities and research on their new areas of study.

Also, our half termly maths targets have changed so don’t forget to keep practicing! 

Year 3 - 4 times tables

Year 4 - 12 times tables

Year 5 - 4 division

Year 6 - 12 division