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Feb 14, 2020

What a jam packed week in KS2! Year 3 have had fun making their sustainable bird feeders in DT as part of their ‘eco warriors’ topic – we have got some seriously passionate warriors there!

Year 4 had a great hands on maths lesson exploring what area is. They found the area of different shapes using a range of manipulatives and then came up with a definition for the area of a 2D shape. This week year four also visited the Tate Britain to see their portraits which are on display as part of the Steve McQueen Year 3 Project.

Pupils from Chesterton had their photos taken last year and were able to see themselves as a piece of artwork alongside 76,000 children in London! What a great experience!

Year 5 are sounding great with their singing project. We think we will all be singing the spice girls for the whole weekend!

This week year 6 have been writing entries for BBC Radio 2’s 500 word story competition. The teachers have loved hearing their zany ideas! The prizes include a trip to Buckingham Palace and 500 books for the school library so fingers crossed we have some winners. Miss Menzies has even signed up to be a judge!

Feb 13, 2020

What a creative week we have had in upper phase!

To fit in with their topic for the term ‘We are Eco Warriors’, year 3 have been creating their own bird feeders using recyclable materials. This week they began creating their designs and creating the windows and the bird hangers and next week they will continue to adapt their designs by decorating them.

Year 4 were visited by a very special visitor this week in their History lessons. As part of their learning on the Romans, they had a very special visit from Boudicca! The children used the VR headsets to bring her to life – how exciting!

Year 5 have also been very busy in DT this week, continuing their work on making their shadoofs. Miss Mogan and Mr Newman were very impressed with all the resilience the children demonstrated when making these tricky devices.

Year 6 have been creating some beautiful replica art work in their art lessons.

Feb 7, 2020

It has been another busy week in KS2. 

3F treated us to an amazing assembly on Wednesday all about the importance of recycling. We were all inspired on how we can work as individuals and as communities to make our world a better place. 

Year 3 have also been busy with their DT project this half term, making sustainable bird feeders. 

Year 5 also jumped on the DT construction by using a variety of materials to create an Egyptian shaduf (an irrigation tool used to collect water). The children showed so much resilience in their joining techniques.

In year 4, pupils created spectacular poems about Roman gladiators using alliteration and metaphors. Check out the newsletter to read one written by Sina!

Feb 3, 2020

This week year 4 have had a respectful debate in their RE lesson. Their top is 'marriage' and we have been looking at arranged marriages and why some faith communities chose arranged marriage. We revisited our rights and talked about the UNCRC Article #14 - our right to believe in a religion or no religion at all, and how these choices can influence the choices we make as adults. All of the children presented their opinions in a respectful way and demonstrated their understanding of this practise. 

Jan 24, 2020

Another busy week in KS2! Year 3 have been on the hunt to find Michael Recycle, who has been popping around our site in the evenings. So far they found his colander hat! 4J delivered a spectacular class assembly all about the Romans in Britain. They were so knowledgeable and blew the audience away with their final song, which was paired with British sign language!  In art lessons, pupils in year 4 have been looking at Roman mosaics and discussing them using specific visual language. 

In our KS2 playground, we have had a new living green screen installed to help us improve the air quality around our outdoor areas. Others have gone up around the school as well, so keep your eyes peeled for them! This is very important for our positive physical and mental wellbeing (SDG 3).

Finally, pupils around KS2 have started taking the 4 minute shower challenge to help reduce the amount of water we use. Cutting down your shower time by just one minute can save up to 11,500 litres of water per year! Will you challenge yourself to save water?

Jan 10, 2020

Happy New Year!!! We hope that everyone has had a wonderful break and are feeling well rested and revitalized to get back into the rhythm of school life for a new decade!

What a fantastic first week back we have had, all year groups have started their new topics. Year 3 will be learning all about being eco-warriors, year 4 are studying the Romans, Year 5 are looking at how the Ancient Egyptians lived and year 6 will be researching mega cities!!! The children had a great immersive time during their topic launches this week, getting their teeth into some interesting activities and research on their new areas of study.

Also, our half termly maths targets have changed so don’t forget to keep practicing! 

Year 3 - 4 times tables

Year 4 - 12 times tables

Year 5 - 4 division

Year 6 - 12 division


Dec 4, 2019

Year 3 took part in an art project which focussed on the environment. We imagined what we would like our local area to look like and painted on photographs to make the streets more environmentally friendly before making seed bombs to take home and plant where we wanted more green space around us. We learn that this is called rewilding.

Year 4 visited the Wimbledon Synagogue this week as part of their learning about Judaism in the autumn term. They were fortunate enough to explore many artefacts, traditional rituals and special clothing. They were so well behaved and respectful - they made all the adults proud! Way to go year 4!

Year 5 had the opportunity this week to experiment with the VR headsets in English. To prepare them for writing a poem, the children explored the Northern Lights and noting down some similes and metaphors to describe them. Miss Mogan and Mr Newman were extremely impressed with the vocabulary and language the children came up with during the lesson. Well done Year 5.

Year 6 have been moving on to multiplication this week and have been working hard, using their life ladder skills of team work and communication to answer some of the more problematic questions. They have also been practising their steel pans ready for our Christmas concert, here are some pictures of a few of them getting in to the Christmas Spirit – it is a bit blurry from all the dancing and singing.

Nov 29, 2019

It has been another busy week in KS2.

Year 5 continued their topic of space by looking at the different phases of the moon and why the moon appears to change shape throughout the month.

During Year 6’s  RE topic of Life After Death the children discussed what judgement day is in religions and took part in role playing what they think judgment day will look like.

This week, some children from year 4 and 5 were specially selected to go ice skating at the Winter Village at Battersea Power Station! All the children (and adults) had an amazing time…even if some spent most of the time slipping on the floor!

Nov 22, 2019

What a busy week it has been in upper phase! Our year 3 children had a busy day of rehearsals on Wednesday as they took a trip to Burntwood to rehearse for their singing concert in December. They have been working so hard to rehearse lots of different songs including a few festive numbers and a song from The Greatest Showman. They impressed everyone with their singing and dancing (especially the teachers) and we can’t wait for the real concert in December. We hope to see as many parents there as possible.

Year 5 also went on a really exciting visit to the Science Museum in relation to their topic ‘Space’. Whilst they were there they got to see a projected 3D globe and got to feel what space gloves were really like. They were amazingly well behaved and represented the school fantastically. Members of the public even emailed in to the school to say have brilliant they were. Well done Year 5.

Year 6 have been studying propaganda in their History lessons this term. This week they were learning all about how Propaganda was used to get women to work during the war. They learnt about how, although they were doing the men’s jobs, women were still continued to be paid less.   Miss Menzies and Miss Holt were really impressed with the mature and thoughtful discussions that the children had throughout the lesson and the comparisons that they made to today’s society using SDG goal 10 which is all about reducing inequalities.

Nov 8, 2019

This week year 6 had a Diwali dance workshop. They loved recreating the story of Diwali through movement. They showed excellent team work skills and a great sense of timing too!

Nov 6, 2019

We’re back with a bang!! It’s great to be back after a well-rested half term break and both children and teachers are eager to get stuck in. Before we broke up, we had our new awesome Times Tables Rock stars launch, where all the children were encouraged to take on times tables challenges, competing against each other in a school wide competition!!

Also, at the end of last term, we had the exciting reintroduction of afternoon tea with our head of school, Miss Smith. This was a lovely opportunity for the children who had been noted to have been consistently working hard across the entire half term, to be rewarded with some biscuits, cake and drinks with Miss Smith as a well done for all of their efforts.

Year 4 have been working hard on their public speaking and performance through a SLAM poetry workshop. They have been working hard on turning poetry into performance and developing both their acting and speaking skills by performing their poems to each other within the class.

Year 3 have been looking at abstract compositions this week. We looked at the works of Joan Miro, Salvador Dali and Jackson Pollock in our outdoor gallery before recording our responses back in the classroom.

Oct 10, 2019

We've had another fantastic week in Key Stage 2! Year 3 started the week with a fascinating museum in their classroom looking at historical artefacts to help them infer facts about the past. Year 4 had the opportunity to work with a slam poet from East Side Projects called Bella. She explained an exciting new spoken word poetry competition we will be taking part in which culminates with a select few children performing on stage in the West End!

We started writing our poems in groups this morning and Bella will be back later on in the month to teach us how to perform them using intonation, tone and volume. Year 5 enjoyed their trip where they learnt how to be global citizens.

They all now know how to administer first aid so you know who to call on if you need help now! We finished the week with our amazing Harvest Assembly. I was so impressed by all the food we have collected so far and with everyone's beautiful singing voices! And a massive congratulations to the school choir who performed for the first time! You were great!

Oct 3, 2019

This week has been another great week for Key Stage 2 and busy as always!

4S took a little trip to Battersea Park library to choose some wonderful new books for their book corners. The children always love going there as it is a different place for them to read. They love practising their prosody when they go!

This week in Year 5, we continued our studies of the solar system. In our Science lesson we were investigating the sizes of planets, moons and stars (in particular Earth, the Sun and our moon.) We used different sized balls to show the vast difference in sizes between the three spheres. The children could not believe just how small our big Earth is in compared to the whole solar system! We cannot wait to carry on our investigations next week!

Year 6 have had a fab week with 6Ms fantastic assembly all about the apartheid. On top of this we have been doing a lot of research all about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and we even had a debate about which one we thought was the most important and why. The children were great at articulating themselves. We were also lucky enough to go out to the edible garden and dig up some of the weeds to get ready to sew our seeds. The kids were great.

In other news our chickens have given us a wonderful surprise and we have a recently hatched chick. Everyone is very excited and it was great when the little chick was brought round to the classrooms for everyone to meet. Watch this space for the name!

Sep 27, 2019

It’s been another busy week in KS2. This week Chesterton took part in World’s Largest Lesson which focuses on the SDGs.

Year 4 were foraging in the edible garden this week like true ‘invaders’! Once they found some healthy bits ripe for the picking they did some cooking out by our fire pit! Thanks for the help, Mr Kheir! #SDG12 SDG#3

In year 5, we focused on SGD #14 (life below water) the children did some research into the journey our plastic goes on after we dispose of it. They created beautiful posters which illustrate the journey of a piece of single use plastic and the impact that has on our ocean and marine life. The children cannot wait to start spreading the message to everyone they know.

And at the top of the school Year 6 were loving their lesson using manipulatives to model multiplication by powers of 10! They love a bit of place value!

Sep 19, 2019

What a busy week we have had in KS2 this week. Everyone has been working so hard and have been doing lots of exciting learning.

This week, year 3 have started their ‘Rocks and Soils’ science topic. They had a fun first lesson classifying rocks into different groups. They came to realise that you could actually classify rocks in lots and lots of different ways and sometimes a rock could be grouped into more than one category!

Year 4 have been learning all about how sound is created and how sound travels in their science lessons this week. They carried out an investigation using lots of different instruments.

As we move to the upper end of the school, year 5 tried their hand at creating perspective drawings. They looked at what artistic techniques they could use to give the illusion of space and distance in their drawings, such as horizon lines and the vanishing point. Everyone showed tremendous resilience in this lesson and should be very proud!

Finally, Year 6 have been creating circuits.  They were investigating all of the different components that are needed to create a circuit and how the end outcome changes as you vary the different parts. 

Jun 21, 2019

We've had another fantastic week in Upper Phase. Year 6 have been busy practising for their end of year performance of Annie and we are so excited to show you all our hard work in just a few weeks time. Year 5 had a great day out on Wednesday.  They went to the Southbank Centre for a Gamelan workshop (Indonesian music) and walked down Southbank on a poetry trail and even visited the London Poetry Library! We all finished the week with an own clothes day to collect donations for our Great Fete on Saturday 6th July. See you there!

Jun 14, 2019

Another fantastic week for Upper Phase with our Eid celebrations throughout the week. Our Eid concert was fantastic and our wonderful speakers were such great role models for the younger children! 

Year 6 have been busy practising their end of year production, everyone has been given their roles and so far so good! Looking forward to seeing the finished performance. 6J have ALSO been practising for their class assembly coming up next Thursday!

Miss Menzies has been working with 6 fabulous children from year 6 getting them reading for their MUNGA debate competition (Model United Nations General Assembly). They have been researching their motion: ‘This house believes everyone should be a vegetarian.’ We will be arguing against it and representing Madagascar!

On Wednesday we had 24 members of staff AND lots of Upper Phase children run the race for life which was fantastic. We all had such a great time raising awareness for such an important cause!

May 24, 2019

What a week! We kicked things off with Clean Air Day on Monday. In lessons, Year 6 have been learning about the circulation of blood and how it travels through the body. They thought about the impact that breathing dirty air has on the circulation of oxygen in to our blood. Year 6 have ended off the week at KidZania, where they have the opportunity to explore a range of professions in an adventurous and fun way!

In Year 5 this week, pupils have been completing their own artwork inspired by 'The Great Wave' by Japanese artist Hokusai. Have a look at the range of interpretations and styles.​

May 17, 2019

A massive congratulations to Year 6 for completing their SATs this week. We were all blown away by their focus and positive attitude throughout the whole week; all their hard work across the year has definitely paid off! This Friday, Year 6 went to Battersea Park to celebrate the end of SATs.

They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and there may or may not have been an impromptu dance party and conga line!​

May 10, 2019

What a busy week for everyone! Year 6's have been celebrating their remarkable achievements in their lead up to SAT's week. They have worked so hard over their entire time in primary school and are very excited to sit their tests to show off just how clever they are! We wish you all luck!

On Wednesday, 5S had their class assembly on the Sustainable Development Goals which showcased how as a school we can work together to achieve these! Everyone must do their part as this is OUR world! Well done 5S.

All of Year 5 were visited by Jamey from WE on Thursday, who delivered workshops and an assembly on the power of social action. They heard about current youth ambassadors who are trail blazing the way for change at a young age, such as Gretta Thunberg, who is taking charge on climate change. Children spent time discussing local social issues that were important to them, and created a plan of action to take in order to make a difference in their community.

On Thursday night at Wandsworth Civic Suite, art pieces from Year 5 were showcased as part of the Wandsworth Fringe Schools Showcase. Their work, which was created with artist Tom Pope, was inspiring and drew a lot of attention from visitors. They should all be proud!

May 3, 2019

WOW what a week in Upper Phase. The year 5s finished off their amazing art project and it sounds like they had SUCH an amazing time! Some real artists hidden among us! The year 6s have been SERIOUSLY focused on their learning in the run up to the SATs exams in a week or so and we​ are so proud of them! BUT the week has ended with a serious bang as we had the amazing WE Walk for Water!

We spent the morning walking round the park raising awareness and causing havoc in order to raise money for this amazing charity that we work with!

If you haven’t got your donations in yet then PLEASE PLEASE do! Big thank you to all the adults who came along and helped and a HUGE thank you to our resident Upper Phase DJ Mr Bennet who helped get us in the mood for our awesome walk around the park! Think the fresh air has sent us a little crazy as the year 6s ended up dancing to the Macarena during their lunch!

Hope you have a fantastic bank holiday weekend and we will see you for another week on Tuesday!

Apr 5, 2019

We have had an excellent final week of term and have enjoyed the sunshine! Year 5 have been working on their WE Campaign called 'WE Rise Above' which focuses on the impact of cyber bullying on young people across the UK. They have been doing research, writing diary entries and using their voice to raise awareness of the issues. They have created leaflets to hand out to classes about how to be good digital citizens, and they have placed posters around the school to ensure we are using technology for the power of good!

They have also been out in the community using their voices for good. ​On Thursday, 14 Year 5's represented Chesterton at City Hall. They were shortlisted as one of three ​top finalists on their water saving project encouraging people to have shorter showers and to turn off dripping taps. They were very impressive in their speeches and wowed the judges with their knowledge of the sustainable development goals! They could also speak confidently on impact of drinking dirty water and the illnesses that plague millions around the world. Well done!​

The Year 6's have been working on designing a Multi-Faith Room here at Chesterton. This will help us all enjoy our right to practise our own religion (UNCRC Article #14). They have been listening to a range of music, exploring important features and have been collecting texts and artefacts to display.

Mar 22, 2019

What a week for upper phase – from football champions to our very own popstars! After assessment week last week it has been great to give the children back their scores on how well they did. We are all so proud of the hard work they have put in so far this year!

Our school football team had their final match of the season on Wednesday and ended up coming joint 1st place with our biggest rivals – coming home with a silver medal because of point difference! What an amazing achievement!

Year 5 have been working hard on perfecting their songs for the singing project and their concert for the parents was AMAZING! Congratulations!

Year 6 have been learning all about ‘Race and Diversity’ in RE at the moment and it is great to see them having detailed discussion about what they believe to be important and why. This week we were learning all about Martin Luther King Jr and why he had such a big influence on our world today. We then went outside to the edible playground to deliver our very own ‘I Have a Dream’ speech and they were fantastic – we have got some seriously talented motivational speakers in our year 6 team!

Today was our ‘World Water Day’ where all the children came to school wearing blue to raise awareness for the amount of water that is used unnecessarily, not just around the world, but in the UK. It is so great to see how passionate our children are about this global issue and it is so clear to see that we have got some serious eco warriors in our school!​

Mar 15, 2019

We have had a busy few weeks! We celebrated Science Week with some spectacular workshops and assemblies about dinosaurs! Children learned all about different dinosaur species and also enjoyed a dramatic reconstruction of a meteorite hitting Earth and the effect this would have had on dinosaurs at that time.

Children from upper phase also attended WE Day as part of a national celebration of the amazing local and global actions taken on my young people in the UK. They heard from many amazing speakers including Prince Harry!

Year 5 attended the Brighter Sounds rehearsal this week in preparation for the final concert at The Royal Festival Hall. Chesterton were given a special acknowledgement for their amazing singing and behaviour on the trip! They also did an investigation about reproduction in plants. They picked apart a lily to identify the male and female parts.

This week was also #MyFreedomDay, a student led day to raise awareness of modern day slavery. We spent the day thinking about what makes us feel free and how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy our freedoms. Keep posted to see what we're up to next week!

Feb 8, 2019

This week has been another action packed 5 days! Tuesday was Safer Internet Day and upper phase sent a lot of time discussing the year's theme 'Together for Better Internet!'. Check out the website to find out more! www.safeinternet.org.uk

Year 5 visited the Apollo Theatre to participate in The Young Writers workshop. They were visited by author Dab Freedman, author of the Jamie Johnson book series. They were also fortunate to hear cast members of the west end show 'Wicked' sing some of their famous songs.