School Improvement Plan Priorities

Each year we identify areas within the school that need to be developed, these are worked on through the curriculum and throoughout the school day. We then evaluate how we have done before setting our priorities for the following year. 

These are our School Improvement Priorities for 2019/20

Priority 1: To maintain high levels of attainment and progress in all year groups through the identification of vulnerable pupils in all core subjects. 

Curriculum Design

Priority 2: To ensure clear progression in knowledge and skills for all subjects leading to high outcomes for all children in all subject areas. 

Priority 3: To provide an ambitious, broad, balanced curriculum that is designed to be meaningful and challenging for all learners and reflects our local needs.

Prority 4: To embed SDG 3 (good health and wellbeing) across the curriculum, to raise pupils' awareness of individual and collective impact on the wellbeing of themselves and others.

For more information about any aspects of our curriculum please contact Miss Linke using the contact form here or by calling the school office on 020 7622 1619.