Outdoor curriculum

Outdoor learning is an important part of our Chesterton curriculum. We have many different outdoor spaces and activities around the school which support specific subject areas, as well as overall social and emotional wellbeing. Take a look at pictures of all our outdoor areas here. 

Edible garden

The Edible garden project is aimed at transforming an area of our school into a vibrant outdoor learning space that excites and teaches children about growing and eating healthy food. By encouraging healthy eating habits at an early age we are helping to reduce obesity in later life. The garden also provides a space for fun and engaging lessons in an outdoor environment. 

Keep up to date with everything that's happening in the garden in our diary at this link.

Japanese garden

Emotional and mental wellbeing is important to all of us here at Chesterton. Our calming Japanese garden space provides our pupils with a safe and quiet place to pause, breathe and smile. This tranqulity allows pupils to enjoy some reflection time while also experience a piece of Japanese culture. 

Italian garden 

Our Italian garden is a place where pupils can let their senses run free. Our spectacular climbing frame and balancing ropes help to develop our pupils' gross motor skills while enjoying this outdoor space. The soft, patterned floor provides a route around the herb gardens where children can enjoy the touch and scent from a variety of seasonal plants. 

Woodland area

UNCRC Article #29 states that education should help pupils to respect and care for the environment. In our woodland area pupils are able to study biodiversity and gain an understanding of how creatures work together. Pupils can also check on the health and habits of various birds by watching our 'Bird Cams' which are located in the birdhouses throughout the school.


The Chesterton wildlife centre is proud to be home to four ducks and three chickens, providing pupils with the opportunity to gain a close-up look at animal behaviour and gain an understanding of the animal world. Pupils regularly participate in feeding, watering and monitoring the animals as they waddle in their pen and throughout our forest-like nature garden and play an important role in the upkeep and welfare of the animals. The chickens and ducks are important members of the school community thanks to children's terrific work! 

Music garden

At Chesterton e love exploring the music garden! Amidst the chime bars, giant xylophones and multi-coloured drums, children can create their own music. Our youngest children enjoy hunting out different pitches on the array of instruments. Older classes enjoy using the area to sing songs on our outdoor stage and add accompaniments. We love using our music garden to take music outside the classroom - music is everywhere!