Our approach to Art

The art curriculum at Chesterton is designed to encourage creativity and personal expression, to develop a range of artistic skills and to expose children to a variety of culturally diverse artists that helped shape history.

We understand the importance of inspiring an appreciation of the arts as this helps to deepen a child’s understanding of the world around them. By teaching our children about great artists and artworks they can learn the visual language as well as develop their cultural understanding and apply their critical thinking skills.

In art lessons we value the importance of nurturing the personal styles of each individual child through painting, drawing, sculpture and collage. We support and encourage our children to explore ideas and experiment with techniques as they develop and apply their creative skills. We encourage creativity in our children’s art books which are designed to gather information, review artwork, explore and develop skills and record responses.

How we teach Art

Art lessons at Chesterton ensure that as well as learning new skills, children will also have opportunities to revisit their learning and build on their abilities as they progress through the school. 

Within each topic children are encouraged to explore ideas, practise their skills and apply them with confidence. This is achieved through each project being taught using the following structure:

Develop: Children are introduced to an idea and given the opportunity to discuss and comment using visual language

Explore: Children are given the opportunity to explore art in more depth through the study of an artist. They will be introduced to the skills needed to be successful in their topic.

Technique: Children will then be given the opportunity to explore key skills, practicing them and experimenting with their effects before applying them to a final piece of art.

Evaluate: Finally, children will finally have a chance to reflect on their final piece and comparing it to original works of art. 

To provide a broad and rich artistic experience we also offer additional art opportunities through a range of art trips, visits, clubs and projects throughout the school year.

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