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Oct 20, 2020

This week in Nursery we have been learning about ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ nursery rhyme. We have acted out, built large scale buses and drawn our own. Miss Meyer also took us on a forest school adventure to collect natural objects and use our senses in the Edible Garden.

In Reception we have been reading a picture book about 'Kevin' an imaginary monster. Although he has gone missing! So we have been making missing posters to try to find him. On Friday we visited Mr Kier in the forest school and found Kevin!! So we treated ourselves to hot chocolate and biscuits to celebrate. 

This week year 1 have been learning about greater than and less than in maths. In English, we have be reading the story ‘The Queens Knickers’ we are all extremely excited to what happens to the queens underpants and where they have disappeared to!! Also, year 1 were really excited to go and visit our new library!!! We feel very lucky to have such an amazing new space to read and discover new stories!

Oct 2, 2020

In Year 1 this week, we have been sequencing what we have read so far from the story 'Hector and the Big Bad Knight'. Working as a team, we all had turns ordering the events, and then we got to act out and retold the story in front of our classmates.  

In Reception this week we have been reading Bedtime for Monsters and thinking about words to describe how the monster looks. We have also been looking at the textures of different thing like ice and snow. 

This week in Nursery we have been exploring the home corner and taking turns with our friends using the equipment. We have been exploring and comparing capacity this week using the words full and empty in the water tray inside and the water world outside.

Sep 25, 2020

This week in Reception we have been learning about repeating patterns. The children have been using objects to continue or make their own!

This week in Nursery we have been exploring even more new areas of the classroom including the mud kitchen and the home corner. We have adapted to the new routines at school and have decided together some important rules for our class charter: to use gentle hands and walking feet, put our hands up on the carpet and wash our hands to keep us safe.

In Year 1 we have been learning all about castles! We have looked at the parts of a castle and explored what they are for. We have been trying to build examples of castles with all is parts using Lego and then writing sentences about them in English.

Sep 18, 2020

This week in Nursery we have welcomed even more children to begin the settling process. The children have been exploring both the inside and outside environments. They have particularly enjoyed using the climbing frame, playing in the sand pit and making new friends.

In Reception this week we have been learning about our new topic 'Monsters' we have been crating different types of monsters using lots of different art techniques and materials.    

This week in year 1 we have introduced our amazing new topic ‘The Royal Family’! We learnt all about Queen Elizabeth II and her coronation. Also, we learnt all about our bodies in science, naming the different parts of our bodies and discussed what they were for. Finally, and most importantly, we’ve been really enjoying seeing each other again and spending time with our friends now that we are back together at school.

Jul 17, 2020

This week in Nursery, we have been reading ten little princesses. We made our own magic wands, created our own magic spells, built castles and rescued princes and princesses from dragons!

This week in reception, we had our sports day! We had so much fun doing different activities including the obstacle course!

This week in year 1 we have been focusing on counting forwards and backwards to 100 and trying to be able to represent the value of each digit using dienes. It has been great to hear from the families at home also completing the work and joining in with special events like Sports day and international day.

This week has been busy with lots of fun events and special days. On sports day it was so nice for children to be able to display some of our core school values - pride, resilience and kindness. Children in school and at home have been supporting each other and themselves as they completed these challenges. It was also great for the children to explore their own heritage over the course of International Day. We were able to talk about where we were from and some of the special traditions we take part in. 

Jul 2, 2020

This week in Nursery we welcomed more children back. It was so lovely to see even more happy, smiling faces. We have been working on our name writing and mark making skills and the children love to practise this independently.

This week in reception we have been thinking about minibeasts. Some ladybirds have laid eggs in the garden of bubble three so we have been watching them. We are hoping they will hatch into ladybird larvae soon!

In Year 1 this week we have been continuing to read Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey and we have written his next adventure from our own imaginations. We have also been comparing reasons why people visit the seaside now and in the past.

This week in English Year 2 have been retelling the story of Gregory Cool using time connectives and descriptive language. In maths the children have been using their maths mastery skills to investigate mass. They have looked around their homes to find different objects in order to compare which items are heavier or lighter than the other.  

Jun 11, 2020

This week in Nursery we have been reading the snail and the Whale, by Julia Donaldson and making pictures of our own colourful snails. 

In Reception we have been using the construction materials to make our own cars.  Once we had made them we had a race! Can you guess who won?

In year 1 this week we have been creating our own seaside adventures about Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush underwater in the crowded rockpool. We have also been working really hard to remember which numbers are odd and even.

This week year 2 have been really busy with lots of exciting things to do. In English they have been writing a setting description of the seaside using descriptive language. They also explored 3D shapes. They looked for various things at home to see which objects were 3D. In science the children completed a science quiz based on how many plants you can identify and name. 


Jun 5, 2020

It has been lovely to welcome back some of our Nursery friends to school. The children have done brilliantly, learning the new rules that help keep us safe and clean. It has been lovely to see the children and families and all their big smiles. Well done, everyone!

Lots of reception have been busy settling back into school this week. There were some new routines to learn, and some new games too! We also thought about underwater animals- how many underwater animals can you think of?

 This week Year 1 has started a new book, Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey. We have been exploring possible plots to the story, basing our predictions on clues the front cover and title of the story give us.

This week Year 2 have been busy exploring 2D shapes. They have been on a shape hunt to see what they can find! What 2D shapes can you find in your house? They also started to research Florence Nightingale, who she was and why she is such an important person that we still remember today. 


May 29, 2020

This week in Nursery we have been thinking about Incy Wincy spider! We tried to make our own Incy Wincy spider webs and see how many flies we could catch!! We also thought about the foods that we like to eat (not flies - yuk!) and looked at using different vegetables and fruits for paint stamping.


This Week in Year 1 we have finished our geography topic where we have compared the two destinations of Battersea and Littlehampton. We are excited to hear how you answered the final enquiry question of the half term.

This week year 2 have been researching all about ocelots to write an information text using subheadings. Did you know Ocelots are medium sized cats found in Trinidad and Tobago? interesting right. They were also asked to create a life cycle of a plant and use their knowledge of life cycles to compare plant life cycles and animal life cycles. In RE the focus this week was on Islam and the Qur'an the children have been answering questions such as How many gods do Muslims believe in? and What does the Qur’an teach Muslims? Great work keep it up! 



May 15, 2020

This week in Nursery we have been looking at the world around us, from our windows or out on our daily walks.

This week in reception we have been thinking all about food! We have discussing which foods are healthy and unhealthy as well as looking through recipe books and creating a recipe for our dream meal. Yum!

This week in Year 1 a lot of children have taken part in the Chesterton VE day bank holiday challenge, making pictures or writing letters to a care home in the borough of Richmond. If you haven't yet joined in there is still time, check out our school website for more details! Below is Rjay's work he completed about the VE day celebration and why it was important.

This week Year 2 pupils were set the task to select different objects from their house, measure the length, compare AND put them in order from the shortest to the longest. Applying many mathematical skills all at once! They were also asked to write a letter from the perspective of Gregory the main character in their topic book - Gregory cool. They climbed into their imaginations and got into the heads of Gregory relaxing on a cool Caribbean beach... Miss Snell and Miss Tara BOTH climbed into their imaginations and pretended they were just like Gregory relaxing in the Caribbean. What a fantastic week!

On Tuesday Chesterton had their first online choir session via Zoom. If you would like to join the online choir sessions send an email to: music@chesterton.wandsworth.sch.uk 

Rehearsals are on Tuesdays 11:00-11:30 am. Get involved!!


May 11, 2020

To all our children in the lower phase - well done for being very brave. We all miss you very much. We'll see you soon and keep in touch. Love from the lower phase team at Chesterton.

May 6, 2020

This week in Nursery we revisited our pirates topic for one week only! It was our favourite story, Pirates Love Underpants and lots of our learning was based around this. Lots of our Nursery children have been learning their new phonics sounds from the work packs which is really exciting.

The Reception children have been thinking about animals and their environments this week. Tuba in RS has drawn this beautiful butterfly, she has labelled it and written some facts about butterflies. Do you know anymore facts about butterflies?

In year 1 this week we have continued to look at our new book 'The Snail and the Whale' describing the characters and Amari in 1B even recreated the characters from clay and painted them! A lot of families have also been looking at the story of the Good Samaritan and think of ways they can help their families and neighbours.

This week year 2 have been learning all about the endangered leatherback turtles found in Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. The children have been using their researching skills to find out facts to write an information text using subheadings.  They have also been busy learning about Hinduism and its religious text. They have focused on Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Puranas and explained what effect the text can have on the Hindu community.  Keep up the hard work!

May 4, 2020

This week Nursery's learning is based around the story 'Supertato!' They love superheroes in Nursery and children have been invited to do lots of activities based on this brilliant story. We hope they have enjoyed it! Below are some fantastic examples of Nabil's work from his Nursery home learning.

This week in Reception, we have been learning all about different animals, with lots of us using the story of "Dear Zoo" as inspiration. We thought about which animal we would like to have as a pet and did some bird watching from our window too!

In year 1 children have been busy making lots of art projects and enjoying our new topic of seaside collages. Some children have been practising their collage skills of : tearing, gluing, cutting and overlapping. Ruby in 1L used these skills to make a 3D swan where the feathers were made of hand prints! Very clever! 

This week Year 2 have been discovering the different parts of plants and using their scientific skills to label their diagrams of these plants. Whilst drawing a variety of different plants children have also been looking at the differences and similarities of these. They have also been busy discovering the physical features of the Caribbean! Children have been creating posters to show all the beautiful physical features they have found! Keep working hard Year 2!

Apr 23, 2020

We hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable Easter holidays with your families staying safe at home.

All the teachers have been amazed at all the activities you have tried over the holidays some even completed every activity on the list! Well Done!

In Nursery the children have been decorating eggs and going on treasure hunts around their homes.

In Reception lots of children made salt dough dinosaurs for their new topic and some even made a fort in their homes or gardens to play in.

In year 1 children were busy making leaf pictures or following new recipes for no bake playdough to build characters of their choice. Below you can see Zakarya in 1B baking at home with his family.

In year 2 the children have made delicious pizzas and their very own board games!!

If you had a go at some of the challenges over the Easter holidays please send them to the class teachers on the school email or via our facebook and twitter feeds.

REMEMBER next week there is the very exciting launch of the new phonics videos being posted everyday at 10, 10.30 and 11am on this link: https://bit.ly/34KsiFS

A handy guide has also been made to explain the videos here: https://youtu.be/u8C8BCB4hvc

Apr 3, 2020

This week in lower phase the teachers have been ringing all the families and we have been amazed at all the fantastic work you have been producing! 

It sounds like your new home teachers are keeping you very busy. Above is a pictures that we have been sent from children in Reception and Year 1 following the work set on the school website under the Covid-19 drop down.

We now have email addresses set up for each year group so please don't hesitate to send any queries or questions you might have but also please keep sharing with us the work and projects you are completing at home.

Enjoy your Easter holidays and remember to create a rainbow and share it on our facebook or twitter pages.

Mar 27, 2020

Well done to everyone approaching the end of our first week of home learning and home working for teachers! We've heard about lots of children working very hard on their projects set this week and doing extra work using some of the websites posted online. There are some incredible free resources available online at the moment our favourite find of the week is the phonics play website which you can get to by clicking here that has interactive games for all phases of phonics. However, don't be overwhelmed by how many there are just choose a few a week to see if you like the resources and which ones are your favourites.

It is also so important to keep reading whilst at home if that means reading as family, to a friend on the phone or even on your own. Please try and spend 10-15 minutes of everyday reading a story or even a few pages. Here are some of the teachers in our phase reading at home this week there are also a few furry animals listening too! Share your photos of you reading on our twitter or facebook pages using @ChestertonSch.

Feb 28, 2020

In Nursery we made pancakes for pancake day. We followed the recipe, flipped them and tried lots of different toppings

In Reception we learned about Doctors, and how Doctors help us. We thought about how to keep ourselves happy and healthy inside and out.

Year 1:
In year 1 this week we were very lucky to have two different visitors on Tuesday. We attended an African Dance workshop and a workshop with the author of Poppy’s Tail.

Year 2:
This week in English, year 2 have been learning some interesting facts about Penguins and Seals. They have really focused on using their non-fiction writing skills to complete an information text.

This week all Year 1 children had a chance to use different Samba instruments.
In Year 2, children have learned how to play the note G on their recorders.

Feb 14, 2020

This week in science year 2 have been learning all about what things humans and animals need to survive. They learnt that they both need food, water, oxygen and shelter. Some interesting fact we discovered were humans can survive 3 weeks without having food, 3 minutes without oxygen and 3 days without water!

In year 1 this week we have been evaluating our clay jaguar final pieces, explaining what we like about them and how we could improve our techniques in the future.

Reception celebrated the end of their topic of transport by writing fact files all about our favourite kinds of transport. We also spent some time thinking about safer internet day and how we can keep ourselves safe when using technology.

Feb 7, 2020

This week in Nursery we have been making our own telescopes and using them to find buried treasure. Our book of the week is Pirates Love Underpants and it’s been so funny to make a pattern to design our own.

In reception we have been celebrating National Storytelling Week by a trip to Battersea Park Library! We thought about one of our favourite stories (We’re Going on a Bear Hunt) and created our own Bear Hunt using the climbing equipment outside

This week Year 1 have been painting their final sculpture pieces. They have made jaguars out of clay and have put in their final touches with different textures and patterns in paint.

This week in Maths year 2 have been using their maths mastery skills to help them solve tricky equations. They have looked at the relationship between repeated addition and multiplication. 

Jan 31, 2020

This week in Nursery we have been learning about Chinese New Year celebrations; cooking our own Chinese dishes, listening and dancing to traditional Chinese music and singing new year songs.

In Reception we have been learning all about maps! We made some maps of the Bobo Road and thought about how we would make a map of our local area. In forest school, we practised climbing trees.

In year 1 we have started a new book this week called Monkey Puzzle by one of our favourite authors. We have been using more complex adjectives to describe the main character.

This week year 2 visited St Saviours Church. They had the opportunity to meet Reverend Ruth and ask questions about the features of a church.

Jan 24, 2020

In Reception we have been learning about the Chinese New Year story and finding out which animals won the animals, we re-told it using puppets and masks. 

In Nursery we have been learning about pirates and smashing open coconuts! We got to drink the milk inside and found out what they tasted like. 

In year 1 this week we have been discussing the job of a travel agent and creating our own persuasive leaflet to entice people to visit the city of Rio de Janeiro.

In year 2 this week in Music the children have been learning how to play buzzy bee using their recorders. They have practised playing different notes on their recorders and have mastered how to play the note b. 

Jan 17, 2020

This week in Nursery we have loved learning all about pirates in our new topic. We have been testing out some new pirate vocabulary and learning the names of some new objects too. We have also been reading the story Ten Little Pirates... Garr!

In Reception we have been working on our new topic 'Transport' we've been having lots of fun in our new 'Bus' and 'Train station' role play areas and writing rules for them.

In Year 1 we have been using clay to practise sculpting skills, like rolling, cutting and moulding clay.  We cannot wait to create our final sculptures! 

This week year 2 in RE the children looked at the features of a church and discussed the purpose of each feature. For example a bible is a holy book for Christians.

Jan 10, 2020

In Nursery we have been creating collage pictures of our Christmas holidays and talking about the different things that our friends did.

In reception, we have been thinking about what we got up to in the winter break and wrote some accounts describing what we did. We thought about the tradition of New Year’s Eve, and spoke about some ways that people celebrate the new year.

In year 1 this week we have been researching about sloths and predicting what will happen in our new book called Slowly, Slowly Slowly said the Sloth.

This week in English year 2 have started reading their new class book called Tom the Great Explorer. They have written a prediction piece based on what they think the story might be about. 

Dec 19, 2019

In Nursery we have been learning about the celebration of Christmas and how some of our friends will be celebrating. We have been busy practising our songs for our Nursery Christmas concert and cannot wait to perform them on Thursday!

Reception Year 1 and 2  have all been busily rehearsing for our 'I'm Gonna Shine' show! The show was a total success and everyone was amazing, remembering all the songs, actions and with some fantastic acting on stage. 

Reception and Year 2 teamed up again on Wednesday as part of Year 2's PSHCE WE Volunteer Now Campaign, they came down to Reception with their favourite picture books with us

Dec 13, 2019

Nursery have been reading the Jolly Christmas postman, we have been learning lots of new words to help us retell the story as well as making our own Christmas decorations. 

Reception have been reading the Jolly Postman this week. We have had lots of fun creating our own letters and ordering the story!

‚ÄčThis week Year 1 went on a trip to the Queen's Gallery in Buckingham Palace. We were able to learn about other people from Queen Victoria's family and appreciate the amazing painting exhibit they had. We were also able to see the changing of the Queen's guard in Buckingham Palace!

This week in year 2 the children have been learning all about the importance of a Christingle and how those who believe in this festival/celebration use light to reflect on their thoughts and feelings.