Our curriculum

Each year we identify areas within the school that need to be developed, these are worked on through the curriculum and throughout the school day. We then evaluate how we have done before setting our priorities for the following year.

These are our School Improvement Priorities for 2018-2019:

  • To understand how, as individuals and as a community, we can support the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): life below water (SDG 14), life on land (SDG  15) and health (SDG 3) across the globe.
  • To embed learning outside the classroom, across the curriculum, to raise standards and improve pupils’ personal, social and emotional development.
  • To maintain high levels of attainment and progress in all year groups through the identification of vulnerable pupils in all core subjects.
  • To significantly raise and maintain high levels of attendance across the school and for all groups. 


For science, art and design, physical education, humanities, PSHCE and music, the Chris Quigley skills based curriculum is used to ensure that all the relevant objectives are taught in the context of the termly topics. This ensures there is a progression of skills across year groups which are taught in appropriate and relevant contexts. The Wandsworth SACRE scheme of work is used as a starting point for the Religious Education (RE) curriculum and computing is planned from the Rising Stars scheme of work and links with topics are made where possible.

The whole curriculum is enhanced through an exciting and diverse range of trips including residential trips for the children in Years 5 and 6. The school employs specialist teachers for PE, computing, Spanish and music who work alongside the class teacher to ensure the children receive the best possible learning experiences. Children in Key Stage 2 also have the opportunity to work with secondary school teachers from local schools. This allows children to benefit from the expertise of these teachers, as well as to experience the excitement of a secondary setting.

A number of topic or subject weeks throughout the year further raise the profile of individual subjects: book week, curriculum week, sports week and topic launches all provide children with exciting and interactive experiences and opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

For more information about any aspects of our curriculum please contact Miss Linke using the contact form here or by calling the school office.