Meet the Governors

Mr Roger Stephens

Type of governor: Parent

Date appointed: April 2015. Elected and appointed by the parents of Chesterton Primary School. 

Term of office: April 2019

Areas of responsibility: Science, Children’s Centre, Reception

Committee membership: Experience  

Record of meeting attendance: 6 meetings out of a possible 10 meetings attended in the academic year 2016/2017

Declaration of business and financial interests + governance roles at other schools: None

Professional experience and interests:
I am an actor and I also teach acting at various drama schools in London. This is the first time I have been on a board of governors. As a family, we do a lot of things. We like to: play football, rugby and tennis, go swimming, go dancing, visit the seaside (grandma’s) and spend time in our garden - better known as Battersea Park. I do lots of jobs in different environments and I like to help others.

Why have you chosen to become a Governor and what would you like to achieve in this post?
My experience at Chesterton, with my boys, has been very happy, exciting and rewarding. The school and the Children’s Centre have been in our lives now for nearly six years. I wanted to be part of that and explore ways to make it even more outstanding. I love to see children happy and engaged in learning, education and imagination.

How do you support Chesterton Primary School as a Governor?
Running a well-run school is difficult. Luckily there is a lot of experience and knowledge on the board and I hope to learn from them, as there is a lot to learn!

Please describe Chesterton Primary School in one word